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dantimatter.com is the online home of Dan Siegal-Gaskins. The word "dantimatter", a portmanteau of Daniel and antimatter, reflects Dan's general interest in science and provides him with a moderately wacky domain name that wasn't already taken when he first paid for it in 2001.


About Dan

Dan and Joshua Tree National Park, 2013



Since October 2011 I've been a Postdoctoral Scholar in Biology and Biological Engineering at Caltech, working in the lab of Richard Murray. Prior to that I was a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at the Ohio State University. My general research interests lie in the interdisciplinary fields of systems and synthetic biology. Specific interests include understanding the role of topology in performance of circuits with similar functionality, bistability, feedback control in toxin–antitoxin systems, biomolecular resource utilization, and the application of deconvolution techniques to population-level data for new single cell-level insights.


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Curriculum vitae

My CV can be found here. (CV was last updated on 8/30/14.)

Science education and outreach

I'm a big supporter of good science education and of increasing public awareness of science. As part of a larger effort to "think globally and act locally" about scientific literacy, I started the Columbus Science Pub back in September, 2010. Since then I've had the pleasure of being involved with the Science and Entertainment Exchange, a fantastic program of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) that "connects entertainment industry professionals with top scientists and engineers to create a synergy between accurate science and engaging storylines in both film and TV programming" (see, e.g., this.)

Whoever and wherever you are, I encourage you to support local and national efforts to make science more accessible, higher priority, and better funded.  :)

Upcoming appearances

Recent appearances


You can reach me by email at web_at_dantimatter_dot_com (replacing the "_at_" and "_dot_" with "@" and ".").

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